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mastic cocktails recipes. Muddle grapes or pomegranate seeds and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker. Choose a Site Brasil Português Canada English Canada Français France Français Deutschland Deutsch Global English Italia Italiano América Latina Español Россия русский España.

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The gin martini is the king of cocktails.

Mastic cocktails recipes. Youll grill the grapefruit and lime to caramelize the fruit and give the juice a subtle smoky edge. 11 Best Cocktail Recipes With Limoncello That Simply Taste WOW. Strain and serve over ice.

An Egyptian delicacy ice cream flavoured with orange blossom water The magic ingredient is mastic which when ground and mixed with the milk gives a velvety texture to this unusual ice cream which is also egg-free. Mastiha had in the past its own post. Reserve the lemon wedge.

Grapefruit zest discarded 60ml Kamm Sons 30ml Mango juice 2 Dashes Mastiha 10ml Lime juice 10ml Lemon juice 10ml Orgeat syrup Juice 2 Lime Juice Cocktail Drinks Cocktails Grapefruit Zest Langham Hotel Infinity Greece Shots. CHURN stir with bar spoon. Put the remaining 2 lemon wedges in a cocktail shaker along with the syrup and vodka.

Cocktail Blue mastic 3 oz mastic 1 oz vodka 2 oz strawberry juice 1 oz Blue Curaçao 1 oz pineapple juice Mix all the components in a mixing glass. For such a simple cocktail gin vermouth the martini isnt afraid to court a little controversy. Add the rest of the ingredients and ice and shake.

Herbes de Provence syrup or any simple syrup infused with herbs Squeeze of lime. Keep adding ice and churning until drink fills glass. In the past I have made another cocktail flavored with Mastiha and even a cheesecake.

You can build the mastiha spritz directly in the glass. Add the remaining ingredients with ice and shake vigorously. Run 1 lemon wedge over the rim of a highball glass.

Heres a fired up twist on a traditional Mexican cocktail. Montreal-based spice shop Spice Trekkers notes that mastic is sometimes added to savory meat and poultry dishes across the Middle East. The total ABV of this cocktail is around 10-13 depending on the strength of your wine so they will creep up on you.

Tears of Chios Cocktail Recipe Dilute agave syrup by adding an equal part of boiled water. Garnish with bamboo. Our list of GREY GOOSE cocktail and drink recipes will enable you to mix the worlds best tasting cocktail for any mood or occasion.

2 ounces Skinos Mastiha Liqueur 2 ounces vodka 1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice 1 ounce agave 4 red grapes plus extra for garnish 4 fresh mint leaves plus extra for garnish. Here I make a cocktail inspired by the flavors of the Greek Delight Mastiha and Rose. They recommend recipes such as Chicken with Lemon and Mastic and Feta Fennel Chicken.

Summer Cocktail Rules Amalfi Dream Black Basil Bon Bon Campari Nobile Coral Queensland Devils Punch Kentucky Lemon Drop Lady Cello Lemon Capri Red Earl Martini The Seersucker 751. Serve on the rocks in a double Old Fashioned rocks glass. Cocktail with Chios Mastiha Cocktail Nika Fill a glass of water or a glass of champagne with 13 liquor mastic add 1 teasppon of lemon juice and then sparkling water.

Just add ice and all the ingredients give a quick single stir to combine garnish with a dehydrated apple slice and serve. Mastiha liqueur 1 oz. Stir it up with tequila or mescal and top with club soda for a refreshing drink thats perfect all summer long.

Dip the rim into sugar. Mastiha mastic liquor is served chilled as an after-dinner drink and sometimes even in mixed drinks. Muddle grapes and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker.

Garnish with grapes and mint leaves. SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into ice-filled glass. A clear classic very strong cocktail.

This cocktail merges the flavor of Masticha and Rose in one unique combination. Named after Denny Kallivoka and Eleni Nikoloulia our favourite Greek drinks writers this whisky based cocktail has a healthy glug of mastiha with birch Eccentrica Daiquiri Daiquiris are refreshing but I believe this mastiha and birch water influenced example is particularly so. If you want a more intense orange flavor for this Old-Fashioned recipe use orange bitters or muddle 2 thin orange wedges with the sugar then strain into a rocks glass and proceed as written.

Fill glass with more crushed ice and CHURN some more. It is a considered a spice but it is actually the.

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