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slow oxidizer diet recipes. Stay away from sugar it is especially bad for fast oxidizers. Think of a deck of.

Sample Menu For Fast Oxidizers Sample Menu Menu Faster

The slow burning food is a good match for the fast oxidizer as that person will sustain energy.

Slow oxidizer diet recipes. Protein Shake with Whey Protein Powder Almond Butter Banana Coconut Milk. Foods that contain fat that are excellent for slow oxidizers are lamb sardines eggs blue corn chips dark meat chicken almond butter tahini and grass-fed or organic ground beef. Eat cooked vegetables with every meal.

See more ideas about recipes food cooking recipes. Sauteed Chicken with Spinach. This requires loads of cooked vegetables with each meal at least 3 times daily.

A fast oxidizer needs more slow burning food such as a diet with more high quality good fat and oil. The slow oxidizer diet. Dark meat chicken Dark meat turkey.

Although eating more fat. A low thyroid diet for a slow oxidizer should consist of low fat proteins and complex vegetables such as broccoli kale collard greens green beans beet greens and other nutrient rich and low glycemic sources of proteins and carbohydrates. Two or three times per day is ideal.

A balanced oxidizer should consume 40 percent carbohydrate and 30 percent each fats and proteins. Sweet potatoes are also good but should not be eaten in large quantities because they are quite sugary. Do not add extra fat to your daily diet.

Cabbage broccoli Brussels sprouts bok choy cauliflower and most green leafy vegetables are also superb. Eating a high fat diet for a slow oxidizer can prevent their oxidation metabolic rate from increasing and improving which is the goal of Mineral Power. Proteins such as fish and chicken as well as eggs Low fat dairy products Carbohydrates including most vegetables excepting peas cauliflower spinach artichoke hearts and asparagus.

Eat animal protein lamb chicken turkey sardines or eggs ONLY ONCE OR TWICE daily and only 4-5 ounce servings for an adult. Sushi and Sashimi with seaweed salad. There should be enough fat and oils in the daily diet.

THE SLOW OXIDIZER DIET. Stick with brown rice whole wheat breads and vegetables that contain a low starch levels. It is a low-fat diet.

Fats 5 by volume If you follow the recommendations about protein you do not need extra fat as a slow oxidizer. A tangy mustard sauce is used to dress the spinach and top the chicken. You should eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables and include plenty of nigh-nutrient grains and complex carbohydrates like those found in potatoes.

The only difference between the fast and slow oxidizer diets is that slow oxidizers do not burn fat as well for energy so they require less. Ideally have a large amount twice a day or smaller. Eat your protein or meat first to help digestion.

It also requires 4-5 ounces of protein twice a day for most adults. Vegetables mostly cooked vegetables but some raw is okay. Also eliminate fruit and sweets entirely if possible.

Root vegetables such as turnips carrots onions garlic and rutabaga are excellent. Eat a vegetable with every meal but no white rice wheat corn or potatoes too high glycemic. Dark meat chickenDark meat turkeyLambRoasted nut buttersEgg yolksOrganic raw dairy cream butter.

Very Good 405 18 ratings Slow Cooker Roasted Pork Tenderloin Carnitas. Protein such as chicken beef turkey lamb eggs etc. Aug 15 2016 – Explore Erika Johnson-Lamoureauxs board Fast oxidizer recipes followed by 496 people on Pinterest.

People who are slow oxidisers are advised to eat the following. Never eat red meat more than 3 times per week. Eat only small amounts of fruit and eat them last preferably with fats like olive oil or coconut oil.

In contrast the slow oxidizer can have a diet of more fast burning food such as grain products but less of the high quality fat and oil. Just do small portions of these. Pork Chops with Apples onions and Sweet Potato.

Full ingredient nutrition information of the Diet Pepsi Pot Roast – Slow Cooker Calories. Ants on a log celery almond butter currants Dinner. These upset the blood sugar upset digestion and are not helpful at all.

The advice or information provided by Gabriel Cousens MD MDH or any other professional experts on this site is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be considered a substitute for in-person one-on-one professional advice. In contrast a fast oxidizer diet calls for consuming 40 percent of your diet from protein 30 percent from carbohydrate and 30 percent from fat. Avoid all wheat all fruit and all sugars.

If you are a slow oxidizer you need to consume 60 percent carbohydrates 15 percent fats and 25 percent protein. Quick Chicken RecipesChicken IdeasTurkey RecipesQuick MealsClean EatingMartha Stewart RecipesCooking RecipesHealthy RecipesHealthy Eats.

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